Front Line Poems

My thanks to Arriana and her team at Huffington Post for the opportunity to share my political view of our nation at war
by quoting Mr. Soular's acute poetic observations in digital form. Although he speaks of another time, our leaders ignored lessons we should have learned, and we are paying a very high price.   
Michael Evans

Thousand Year Stare by Jim Soular
Originally published in
The Thousand Yard Stare
© 2004 by Jim Soular
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ISBN: 1-4107-8576-9
ISBN: 1-4107-8575-0 (e-book)

Gold Star Mother
Gold Star
Launch the Video
Then & Now
A day Doesn't Go By
Jim Soular
About the Author: Jim Soular served in the 1st Cavalry Division during 1966-67 in Viet Nam as a helicopter crew chief. He teaches writing at Flathead Valley Community College in Kalispell, Montana -- Videos produced by Michael Evans -- Camera and Editing by M.E.
Photos courtesy of Jim Soular, additional photos by Tami Silico via HQ Air Mobility Command USAF