Cléopâtre 1909

Léon Baskt's design of Ida in Cléopâtre (1909)

Ida Rubinstein as Cléopâtre (1909)
Jpg by M. Evans from scan of P.D. image

Léon Baskt's set design for Michel Fokine's Cléopâtre

Originally presented in 1908 as Nuit d' Egypte by Mikhail Fokine
Other Ballet Russes Dances: Le Pavillion de Amide, Prince Igor Scenes, Le Festin, and Polovtsian Dances
Other Ballet Russes Dancers: Anna Pavlova, Vaslav Nijinsky, Tamara Karasavina
Music by Arensky, Glazunov, Glinka, and Mussorgsky
Music for Cléopâtre's disrobing scene: Mlada by Rimsky-Korsakov
Choreography by Mikhail Fokine
Costumes and Decor by Léon Baskt
Produced by Serge Diaghilev, Serge Lifar, Gabrielle Astruc (and others) at the Chatelet Theater

This was the premiere of Ballet Russes in Paris, and a whole new era in Ballet began with this production. In the audience were Auguste Rodin, Isadora Duncan, Yvette Guillbert, Gabrielle Faulk, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Jose-Maria Sert, Gabrille Rajane, and Jean Cocteau,

After her season with Ballet Russes, Ida Rubinstein dances at the Olympia Theater in Paris, the London Colosseum, and other music hall-style venues in France and Italy. She performs as Cleopatra, and does Tchaikowsky's Dying Swan among other pieces. She sails to New York to perform at the Metropolitan Opera.
Michael de Cossart, Vicki Woolf, and Toni Bently