Ida Rubinstein Ballet Company 1928-1934

Ida Rubinstein in
Maurice Ravel's Bolero 1928

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Detail of Le Ballets Ida Rubinstein
Program from 1928 Season
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After three years of producing and starring in dramas, Rubinstein took the bold step of forming her own Ballet company to showcase her talents. She commissioned just over a dozen new pieces and revived Stravinsky's Firebird.

Ida Rubinstein in Le Princesse Cygne 1928
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Repertoire of Les Ballets Ida Rubinstein
Bronislava Nijinska, Artistic Director and Choreographer
Chief Designer: Alexandre Benois
La Valse -- Music by Maurice Ravel
Bolero -- Music by Maurice Ravel
David & Goliath -- Liberetto by Andre Dodoret, Music by Henri Sarguet, Choreography by Leonide Massine
Alcine -- Music by Georges Auric, Choreography by Leonide Massine
La Bien-Aimee -- Music by Franz Schubert & Franz Liszt, orchestrated by Darius Milhaud
Le Baiser de la Fee -- Music by Igor Stravinsky
Psyche et L'Amour -- Johaan Sebastian Bach, orchestrated by M. Arthur Honegger
Le Princesse Cygne -- Original story by Pushkin, Music by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (from Tsar Saltan)
Nocturne -- Music by Alexander Borodin
The Firebird (L'Oiseau de Feu)
-- Music by Igor Stravinsky, Choreography by Mikhael Fokine
Other Dancers: Anatole Vilzak, Ludmilla Schollar, Nina Verchina, David Lichine, Fredrick Ashton, Joyce Berry, Alexis Dolinoff, Rupert Donne, Nadeja Nikolaeva, Eugen Lapitsky, Unger Singayyevsky, William Chappell
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Venues: Paris Opera House (1928), Theatre de Monte Carlo (1929), La Scala in Milan (1929), Vienna Opera House (1929), Covent Garden in London (1931) along with the premiere of Amphion -- Liberetto by Paul Valery, Choreography by Massine, Music by Honegger, plus the drama La Dame Aux Camielias, and a revival of Le Martyre de St.Sebastien.

Later Dances
Persephone (1934) -- Liberetto by Andre Gide, Music by Igor Stravinsky, Choreography by Kurt Jooss;
(1934) -- Liberetto by Paul Valery, Music by M. Arthur Honegger, Choreography by Mikhael Fokine;
Diane de Portiers
(1934) -- Liberetto by Elizabeth deGramont, Music by Jacques Ibert;

April 30 to May 21, 1934 -- Persephone, Diane de Portiers, Semiramis, and La Valse at the Paris Opera House: Ida Rubinstein's final performances as a dancer in Paris. She and her company represent France at the 1934 Salzburg Festival in Austria. January 27, 1936 -- Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, Belgium: Ida Rubinstein's final performances as a dancer in Persephone, Semiramis, and Diane de Portiers, as part of a charity event for Russian exiles.
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