Art and Running
I followed the examples of my friends Robert Berntsen and Doug Edwards by 'pursuing' long-distance running in the early 80's. It turned out to be a pleasure, although painful at times. I won well over a dozen ribbons for finishing in the top five of my age division. There were some very interesting people on the scene, including world-class racers Carolyn Ostler and Demetrio Cabanillas, who became friends of mine. I made a few minor graphics for the Salt Lake City Track Club, and Sojourners, plus acquired DRAWERS full of souvenier t-shirts.
(Left*) Yours truly, in a road race along 10th Avenue, circa 1983. The U of U is visible through the trees. (Above) The same road in Summer, winding through City Creek Canyon towards the State Capitol and downtown Salt Lake City.
(Above) I won a Blue Ribbon at the Utah State Fair for shooting First Across The Line at Salt Lake's founder's day marathon in 1983. Catherine, an officer with the Salt Lake City Track Club, is leading the champ to the chutes.
The day I got this prize, I also won my age division in a race that traced the course of the Jordan River, where I used to play as a child. I got the 6th Place overall ribbon, and a kiss from a Miss State Fair Pagent winner, because the man ahead of me ducked out before the finish. I gave it back in exchange for the 7th Place ribbon, and a kiss from another Pagent winner.
(Left) Catherine kindly asked me to be in the crew for the Women's 5K in Liberty Park. I drew this picture of winner Kelly Watkins, from a photo I took before the runners finished. Kelly's father and mother were in the Track Club, and the family was sponsored by Asiacs shoes.
All images by Michael Evans, except *, by an unknown commercial photographer.
(Photo property of Michael Evans -- I ran the whole damn race and it came to me in the mail -- IT'S MINE! )
First Across The Line was dodged, burned and developed by my former roomate John Listopad (now a Ph.D in Art History) Thank You!