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Reflections on Joan Merwyn
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Joan Merwyn saw my illustrated memoir of 1974's International Mime Festival and wrote to me from New York. I remembered HER very well, but her old boyfriend had to tell me her name. Like me and my posse, she went to Europe to learn what Movement Theater was REALLY about. She now teaches and performs in the Big Apple.

(Left) My drawing of Joan Merwyn taking Bari Rolfe's mask workshop in LaCrosse Wisconsin, 1974 and (Right) a digitized reinterpretation of Joan performing Siren in Montreal Canada, much more recently, from an image on her website --

Joan Merwyn Physical Theater
Joan Merwyn on MySpace and Facebook
Ms. Merwyn has embraced the potential of the Web to express her thoughts and share her career in the context of social netwoorking. I am glad that she and others are swimming in the modern currents of electronic communication, and invite all my readers to participate -- Michael

Industrial Mermaid
from CHO?CES
Photo: Rhoda Klitzner Bailey
Hi Mike,
I love your drawing of me back in 1974 at the International Mime Festival in Lacrosse, WI! Thanks for putting my updates and links on your fantastic site: Those were the days we perfoming Fools ruled with joyful abandon, and it's time to take back our dominion! That was one of the most outrageously creative and groundbreaking periods for experimental movement theater, existential stage clowning and "performance art" (way before the label appeared). Thanks for raising awareness about that magical period.
Joan Merwyn

Industrial Mermaid
w/ Margolis Brown Co. at Coney Island Beach --
Photo: Ruby Levesque
Thanks for your enthusiasm, Joan! I heartily recommend Your MySpace Page, and Your Facebook Page and will do my part in motivating people to talk about what they're doing, as well as what they've done, and are going to do! To that end, I dusted off the MySpace page for MySelf!- -- but got a lot more contacts, pictures, and biographical information via My Facebook Page -- Michael