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Footsbarn's 35th Anniversary -- A Celebration of Theatre
First Photo Album  
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Eavan as Juliet

Vincent on Parade

Rachelle in Motion

Clara in Montlucon

Rachelle as Circe

Gypsy Jamming in
Chapiteau Bleu

Pucca in the Park

Celebration Gate
in the Night

St. George & Pucca

Pucca & Lady

Dogs at Flea Market

Chris as Pooja

Josie under the Trees

Blue Margaret

Flying Discs at Cosnes

Pierre Byland Masked

Ecce Homo

Nola Rae in Napoleon

Metaphysical Claude

Plein Aire Storyteller
Images by Michael R. Evans -- Permission is hereby given by the copyright holder for free use by participants of Footsbarn 35
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