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Footsbarn's 35th Anniversary -- A Celebration of Theatre
Illustrated Personal Memoir by Michael Evans
In the summer of 2006, I took off from Montana to visit Footsbarn Traveling Theatre at their home base in Central France. I volunteered to help out with their 35th Anniversary Celebration, and they accepted my offer -- along with several dozen young actors, former members, friends, and curious people from many countries.
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I was the only American -- well, there were one or two by birth, and Vincent led a Theater company in the U.S. -- although he was from France.
Speaking of languages, I spoke NO French, so the theatre pieces were "all mime to me." My hosts tried their best to communicate, and teamed me up with English speakers whenever possible.
I took about 2000 pictures while preparing for the festival, and during the event itself. These pages will remain works in progress for now and the forseeable future. They are dedicated especially to John Kilby, Paddy & Fredericka, Joe & Marianna, Davy & Margaret, Clara, Josee, Issa, Tim, Monique, Nadine, Eva, Anna Lise, Pierre, Richie, and Bruno.

Grunting and Groaning
To Get Where We're Going

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Art Begets More Art
I made a digital watercolor from several photos,
and showed it at the Hockaday Museum of Art in the Members Only! Autumn Salon 2006

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Masques On Parade © Michael R. Evans 2006
Images by Michael R. Evans -- Permission is hereby given by the copyright holder for free use by participants of Footsbarn 35
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