Theatrical Daze & Nights
Footsbarn 35
Exceptionally Yours
Footsbarn's 35th Anniversary -- A Celebration of Theatre
Gearing Up and Going for the Gusto -- Festival Time

Rehearsals and First Shows
Mas, Josie, Caroline
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I travelled for over 8000 miles to see Footsbarn ... Homo Haereticus met my expectations by it's unexpectedly gentle beauty, mixed with Footsbarn's signature exuberance and bravura acting...

Late Night Loons
Puja,  Eavan
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Knocka Neba, from Bosnia, rocked Chapiteau Footsbarn with an engaging singer / drummer, backed with a busy acoustic bass player. Even though there was an accordionist, they were still cool...

"All Mime to Me!"
Nola Rae; Napolean

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Nola Rae's play Exit Napoleon: Pursued by Rabbits, was something we once called Mime ... Skeptical? Cynical? YOU try to make people laugh without talking, and sustain the comedy over 90 minutes ...

On the "Site" A.K.A. Midway: Marionettes; Damiens or Demons; Mama Fanta; James' Velocycle; The Storyteller
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