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Footsbarn 35
Exceptionally Yours
Footsbarn's 35th Anniversary -- A Celebration of Theatre
Grunting, Groaning, and Getting Where We're Going
Travels through Paris, Bourges, the Bourbonnais, Rivers Cher & L'Allier
Getting there may be half the fun, but it takes most of the work. I was only one of literally thousands of people who travelled to Central France to see Footsbarn Theatre or to help them make their celebration a reality. Here are some photos of our shared travails from my own point of view.

Jetting over the Atlantic and
Public Transport across France

I.M. Pei's Pyramid
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July 27 -- Jets to Minneapolis, Detroit, and a long flight to Paris, France, where it was already July 28. Paris... July 31 -- the train to Bourges, and 70 km to Vallon ...

Early Set Ups and
Trucking Around the Region
The Sign Shop
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Started taking pictures right away, worked in the sign shop, then moved over to attempt to raise a Mongolian Yurt while the paint was drying...

La Chaussee Takes
Shape for the Festival
Chapiteau Napo
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August 3 -- Arrival of Napo the premeire French tentmaster from Rheims (early AM) ... long ride to Volvic, Chapiteau Napo in place by the time we returned...
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