Grunting & Groaning
Footsbarn 35
Theater X
Footsbarn's 35th Anniversary -- A Celebration of Theatre
Jetting over the Atlantic and Public Transport across France

July 27 -- Jets to Minneapolis, Detroit, and a long ride to Paris, France, where it was already July 28. Waiting for the hotel shuttle, and then an all-night crash.
July 29 -- The RER to Paris from Charles DeGaulle Airport. Walking around Isle de France, Notre Dame, The Louvre, and a successful search for Ida Rubinstein's old haunts, thanks to the Village Voice Bookstore. Lunch at the open air cafe next door -- excellent cooks, waittresses, and company.
July 30 -- A rainy Paris Sunday inside The Louvre, and dinner next to Theatre Chatelet.

Airport Hotel

RER Station

Notre Dame de Paris

Theatre Chatelet

Outside the Louvre

Inside the Louvre

Nike of Samothrace

Aphrodite of Miletus
July 31 -- Early departure from Comfort Hotel to avoid expensive delays due to crosstown traffic on the way to Paris-Austerlitz train station. Left manager Joanna with a web page describing Footsbarn's Festival. Nearly 3 hour wait for train to Bourges -- luggage in locker. Read the International Herald Tribune in English, watched music videos, and sipped coffee in the station cafe. Read author Toni Bentley's latest book on the ride to Bourges. My big 55 pound bag made boarding and unboarding the train difficult. The 100+ meter trek from the station to Hertz Rent A Car wasn't much fun on a hot day, dragging my baggage over cobblestone with tiny wheels made for smooth airport floors, but I got a nice car for my exertions.
Next was a 70 km drive straight south to Vallon en Sully, left turn at the light, and "five clicks" up gently rolling hills until I saw the big tents which indicated I was at my destination. Announced myself at the office, met Fredericka (Freddie) Haytor, and finally saw my old mate, and company leader, Paddy Haytor. Drove my Outback-styled Zaffira to it's parking place next to Joe Cunningham's somewhat private site on the southern edge of La Chaussee's "trailer park," and unpacked my sleeping gear. I had several hours of work and meetings ahead of me before I turned in for my first night back at Footsbarn.
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