Grunting & Groaning
Footsbarn 35
Theater X
Footsbarn's 35th Anniversary -- A Celebration of Theatre
Early Set Ups and Trucking Around the Region
July 31 -- Started taking pictures right away, then worked in the sign shop, then moved over to try and set up a Mongolian Yurt while the paint was drying. The latter project was a total failure, and it took another crew all of the next day to figure it out. (There were no Mongolians nearby to call for advice.) Those first people, though, were the core of the crew who I worked with for the rest of the Festival. That evening I sat near Paddy, and he tried to introduce me to some of the dozens of people who lived there, and had arrived to help set things up. The scene was enthusiastic and wild -- most of the people were under 30, or close to it, and were just getting to know one another. I stood out because I was well over 50 and spoke no French. Being an American kind of helped, because everyone expected me to be somewhat linguistically impaired. I kept a sense of humor about it all, and often said "It's good for me to be quiet" as the conversation swirled around me.

La Chaussee

The Sign Shop

The (#@!) Yurt

The Kitchen
August 1 -- Tuesday: Morning with the tech crew -- meeting Sylvain and Thomas. Without knowing French, I taught everybody "Monkey see, monkey do!" -- an expression which won me some friends. "The Crew" in the big photo below was (L to R) Francois, Sylvain, Nicholas, Nellie, Thomas, Paddy, and Julie. We needed to swap scaffolding with one of the tents to build a lighting superstructure for the Plein Aire stage. I was called away for postering in the PM with fellow volunteers Sharon and Natalie. The superstructure was done when I got back.

The Tech Shop

Thomas & Julie

Francois & Sylvain

The Crew

Swapping Scaffolding

The Gear Goes Up

Roads of Arvaunge

Plein Aire Stage
August 2 -- Wednesday: Postering all day with Luhan. Learning to naviagte my way around Bocage Bourbonaise,
seeing the countryside, and making do with about a vocabulary of dozen shared words. There were paramutual horse races going on in nearby Vichy, so Luhan placed some bets while we took a break in a bar in La Palaisse.

Le Col Mobile

Col = Glue

On your mark, get set

Stick 'em up!

Ready for more

Taking a break

La Palaisse

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