Grunting & Groaning
Footsbarn 35
Theater X
Footsbarn's 35th Anniversary -- A Celebration of Theatre
La Chaussee Takes Shape for the Festival
August 3 -- Arrival of Napo, the premeire French tentmaster from Rheims (early AM). The trip to nearby Vallon for the "Barnum" tents, and a long ride to Volvic, on the edge of a string of extinct volcanos. Chapiteau Napo was in place by the time we returned. After Napo arrived there were no more Yurt fiascos.

Extinct Volcanos

Chateau Volvic

A New Red Chapiteau

Trucking to/from Volvic
Ton und Kirschen from Potsdam sets up their portable amphitheatre in the courtyard. Old friends David Johnson and Margaret Bieyre rejoin their old mates at Footsbarn. Pneumatic animation Puca comes to life on the Midway.

Claremont from afar

Puca Rising

Ton & Kirschen sets up

"Clay & Berries"
August 4, 5, 6 and 7 -- The first weekend, between parades in Montluçon, Cosnes, and nearby Herrison, runs into Monday, with further drives back and forth to Montluçon and Vallon; Smaller "Barnum" tents put up on the grounds; A real crazy drive beyond Volvic to the cathedral town of Claremont for an electric piano; More fun in the sign shop; Distributing signs, and Wallpapering the porta-potties with performance posters -- a job I didn't know even existed. (Pictures SOON)
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