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Michael R. Evans -- E-Portfolio

Life and work crackles between high-energy polar opposites for me. Art & Technology; Science & Creativity; Electronic Circuitry & Neural Networks; Deep Feelings & Hard Headed Math; Pedagogy & Expression -- Activities of human existence that transcend generations and borders. My aims and missions have always been finding them, documenting them, advocating them, participating in them, waving their virtues like flags, and parading these critical symptoms of social sanity when & where possible. While I worked on a railroad at night, with electric engines towing one hundred fifty-ton ore cars, my days were spent videotaping dancers at the university, creating graphics, and celebrating life in the light after dirt and danger in the dark. While wearing prim lab coats in high-tech factories, I hung gallery shows off-shift in black denims, recorded tapes for Alternative Radio, shot photos at concerts, and created even more artwork. While studying Computer Science, I illuminated campus and community newspapers with the brightest new digital text and imaging tools, and spent well over a decade in the wilds of Montana doing the same for the microchip industry, the state college system, and a remarkable (if small) art museum as the Internet grew from an egg to a global dinosaur.
This E-Portfolio fearlessly dives into a whirlpool of disciplines and influences: My Artistic Biography / CV started an eyewitness chronicle of the Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe. I visually delved into the life of dancer/impressario Ida Rubinstein -- Dance Histories links to these sites. Online Videos start with Jim Soular's poetry, but there's more! Music and Nightlife features my illustrated stories about concerts, and scenes around them. Culture mixes reflections about artistic friends, along with popular myths. Artwork shows a small fraction of my drawings and digital compositions, organized by decades. Community Projects represents endeavors I've done for public institutions and businesses. My Resume conventionally tells about employment, education, and contains my current contact information.
                                                                                                                                                                     Michael Evans