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Michael R. Evans -- Masks and Transformations: Marriott Library, University of Utah 1978
(L to R) Introductory sign in the library, preparatory drawing on display with quote, and a photo of White Rooster in action.

(L to R) Costume and mask of Lady Bird with A Past, with snuff-can; Details of display -- eggs, nest, and Derringer pistol.

(L to R) Details: Note badge with bullet-hole, and the color of the Ace of Spades; Desert Bird, Black Masterson, & Buzzy the Vulture.

(L to R) White Rooster and Black Rooster, note the spurs and cowboy boots; The artist setting up Lady Bird's photo session.

About the Exhibit: As my final year at the University of Utah's Art Department approached, I discussed the idea of doing a one-man show as my senior thesis project with Dave Pendell, a professor of Ceramics and Sculpture. These endeavors were once required before graduation, but those rules had changed -- However, I wanted to keep my hand in the Performing Arts, and also needed a 3-D credit, so Dave agreed to act as my advisor.
The Marriott Library had previously accepted a little bit of help from me for an exhibit about Art in Comic Books, so I approached Laird Rodet and Sharon Shepherd about using their glass display cases to suggest a kind of Western movie scenario using masks, props, and costumes. They consented, and the results are shown above, with photos by John Listopad PhD, then a graduate student in Asian Art History.
Buzzy the Vulture was the first mask I completed -- Pendell was very pleased, but made some suggestions which improved the quality of every subsequent character in the series. Professional photographer Bob Bauer shot the B&W picture of White Rooster, and I received much-needed help from Sharon's assistant Dorothy while setting up, and taking down, the exhibition.
This wasn't the last show I did at the University, but the experience of Masks and Transformations helped me tremendously when I was in charge of installing the very large-scale group exhibit for our Sumi-é class at the end of my graduating year.