Spitfires of the Spaceways:
Dale Arden Turns Aggressor in Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars

Flash Gordon rocketed to Mars in 1938, months before Orson Welles' War of the Worlds.

Dale Arden had dark hair this time, like her comic-strip counterpart, and a more active role.
This sequence was about the third or fourth Flash Gordon episode I remember seeing as a young child. It left me with an impression of Dale Arden as a heroic character, rather than as a damsel in chronic distress.
Like the graphic says -- Dale sees a chance to steal a Martian Stratosled. Her previous experience with Rocket Ships implies that she knows how to pilot the strange, smokey, noisy, thing.
Zarkoff, Barin, and Flash are surrounded by enemies, and don't even know that Dale is flying to their rescue overhead.
Dale spots her friends on the ground, and dives in to help accomplish the mission and get everybody out alive.
Not only is Dale (Jean Rogers) Arden THE BOMB to look at, she's also a skilled space-bombadier.
Dale makes matchsticks out of the bleak forest grove with a smile as she watches Flash and his team escape their foes.
Flash Gordon hears the crackling buzz of a Space Ship and looks up to see a smoking Martian rattle-trap pursuing them.
The Stratosled cuts off their retreat and lands in front of them.
Will there be even MORE bad guys to deal with?
A vision of loveliness emerges from the hissing battlewagon.
Dale gets everyone into the ship, then explains the workings of the odd craft --and they are off to further adventures.
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