Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe Outline and Scrapbook
Rick Griffin Art Exhibition at De Melkweg -- October 12 to 24, 1976

The Fontyijnzall, upstairs at the Milky Way, became an art gallery instead of a theater in the autumn of 1978. An art dealership from London displayed a selection of original art by San Francisco poster artist Rick Griffin, plus some posters for sale. There was a huge banner announcing the exhibit accross the entire front entrance. It was a profound link to my younger days, and the seminal West Coast cultural explosion which had inspired Amsterdam's own alternative scene. The trading company's name, Alcock & Dicks, still makes me laugh, but I'll never know if it was a joke or not.

The following pages were scanned from my own copy of De Melkweg's catalogue -- run off in black and white by a Gestetner machine on rather soft manilla paper which was already a soft yellowish color. (Click to see an enlargement of each image.)

Catalogue Front Cover (see the color original at top of page)

Catalogue Rear Cover (see the color original at top of page)

Rick Griffin (1944 -- 1991) died as the result of a motorcycle accident, but his work and influence lives on.

Images from my own collection.
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