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The Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe Saga
A Handy Table of Contents
These web pages trace the saga of the Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe from the point of view of myself -- Artist / Technician Michael Evans -- I intend to mention everybody involved, and tell about the times when we all contributed to this remarkable international ensemble. Other groups and individuals, plus the vibrant scene in which we worked, will all be acknowledged -- and expanded beyond the years we first collaborated.
Early SLC Mime Troupe

SLC Mime Troupe; Year Two
1974 International Mime Festival

Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe

First Tour: Aspen Highlands

California Pt. 1

California Pt. 2

California Pt. 3

Coast to Coast to Europe

The 1975 Festival of Fools and Holland

Mime Troupe Scrapbook and Outline    
Additional (Satellite) Pages Relating to this Chronicle
(Links to individual Websites may be found on the 'Scrapbook' Page):
Footsbarn Theater   Name That Fool !    Readers' Comments   Great SL Mime Troupers Blog
Friends Roadshow International   Omelette Broadcasting Company   Peter Wear & Artwork   
George & Mark Go To Ireland   George at Barsham Fair    George, Ernst, & Katie in Rome   
Georgio Peugot & Otto   In Memoriam - George    David (Zupe) Zupan & Jack (Otto) Millet   
Creative Graffiti   Patsy Droubay's Scrapbook   Matthew Child's Scrapbook  
 Stu & Gregg at the International Theater Festival   Stuart in the Orchestra for "Cats"  
 Nina Cheney's Scrapbook   Rick Griffin Art Exhibition in Amsterdam -- 1976
 Michael's Studios etc.  Michael & Footsbarn  Michael Evans' Scrapbook  Michael's Artistic Bio
Friends Big Band   Jordcirkus   Daniel Rovai   Johnny Melville   Joan Merwyn   Shusaku
All the Programs For All Years of the Festival of Fools -- 1975 to 1984
Most photos and images by the Author, digitally reinterpreted from personal memorabilia. Other photos courtesy of Matt Child, Stuart Curtis, Paul & Michelle Blackwell,
Ellen Beier, Ted Van Zutphen, Patrica Droubay, Karen Quest, J.J. Dekker, and many others -- see credits on each page. Mime Troupe Logo above by Jan Jaap Dekker.
Public Domain source material scanned from various sources,and digitally reworked by ME.
All Rights Reserved Michael R. Evans 2010  Email Me