Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe Outline and Scrapbook

Name That Fool!
A Promotional Photo from the 1976 Festival
-- Taken at Leidseplein with the London Friends Roadshow Mobile Stage / Bus
Thanks to Ted Van Zutphen and his Facebook tagging project! ? = an unknown person; Please email me (see bottom of page) if you know who they are!

(Left to Right) Top Row: ?; Mick Farrel; Lenny Kovner. 2nd Row from Top: Penny Payne; David Roe; Tom Derry; ?; ?; Helena Hamilton (top hat); ?; ?; ?; ?; George-O Peugot.
3rd Row from Top: ?; Child ?; Jane Hunt; ?; Janine Bergin; Paul Holland at end. Standing on Ground Rear Row: Robbie Kuypers; ?; ?; Man carrying child ?; ?; ?; ?; ?; ?; ?.
Standing on Ground Middle Row: Nola Rae (white hat and polka dots); Linda of Blue Rose; ?; Ed Baker; Ted Van Zutphen (wearing shades): violinist ?; Linda Anton Curtis (with shaker); ?; ?; ? Patsy Clark; Bobby Clark: ?; ?; ?; Davy Norkett (looking up, wearing a hat, NOT wearing glasses); ?: ?. Standing / Crouching on Ground, Front Row: Leila Zelnick of Blue Rose; Robbie Haun; Rick Parets (as Prof. Vroom); ?. Sitting on Ground, Middle Rear: Joanie Borgman of Blue Rose; David Halperin of Blue Rose; Cor Schlösser; Woman and a child looking upwards ?; Inez Flameling; Tom Mann. Sitting / Laying on Ground, Front : Child in arms ?; Lady in top hat ?; Lizzie Novotny; Michael Novotny; ?; Musician w/toy saxophone? (corner).

Photo from personal memorabillia of Michael Evans -- information contributed by MANY participants on Facebook, and adapted for this site by M.E.
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