Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe Outline and Scrapbook

International Friends Roadshow

(L to R) Jango Edwards, Nola Rae, Davey Norkett, Ted Bunting, Bill Clifton,
Alan Porter, John the Plummer, and two un-named Snozzes -- saying HELLO!

Front and backside of a Friends Roadshow promotional postcard circa 1974.
The Family Snozze is well-represented in this photo from the Friends Follies show in 1973.
(Possibly taken at the Mickery Theater.)
Davy Norkett says this trio was the very first Friends Band, and ID'd the players for us.

Friends Roadshow circa 1973-74 (Top Row) Mick Farrell, George Dare, Helena Van Danzig, John the Plummer, Marshall Erskine, Davey Norkett, Jeff Stevens, Janet (Planet) Beevers, Cedric Curtis, and Jane Hunt; (Lower Row) Tony Murchland, Matthew Rideout, Jude Farrell, Unknown Lady, Nola Rae, Stanley Ted "Jango" Edwards, Justin Hammer, Robbie Haun, and Lenny Kovner.

Front and backside of a Friends Roadshow promotional postcard circa 1974.

Readers of the Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe Saga saw a smaller version of this postcard, which traveled with the group from Aspen, to California, to Michigan, and finally to New York City, where it was stored with George's own bus.

Ground level (L to R): Robbie Haun, Stan "Jango" Edwards, John the Plummer, Mick Farrell, un-named puppet, "Mole" and un-named child, Nola Rae, Davey Norkett, Helena Van Danzig (sitting), Alan Porter, J&B's Scotch, and Georgie Dare,
Second level (L to R): Jude Farrell, in rainbow wig, Karen Harvey (sitting), and "Tony Spumonie" Murchland standing.
Top level (L to R): Geoff Stevens, and Karen's son, Justin Hammer.
Photo IDs thanks to Stan Edwards and Davey Norkett.

The photo above was taken outside of the Shaffy Theater on the Herengracht in Amsterdam -- Jango Edwards says the bus "needed a push, as always" to get it started afterward. Davey Norkett adds: "I remember Mick Farrell crawling under the truck (which was leaning into the canal) to change a flat tire. Yeah Mick! You saved our truck & set & costumes."
The collage to the right is made up of many images I saw over the years, but seems to be printed around 1973 --
I re-drew the photo of Jango in the lower left as a tarot card inside the Festival of Fools program in 1975 -- as "The Fool," of course.
When I first met the Friends Roadshow at the International Mime Festival in 1974, their letterhead listed companies in London, Paris, Amsterdam, and the USA. Jango told me a story of how their patron Salvador Dali (who was enamoured of the Art of Theatre at the time) saw them in Paris -- he was particularly impressed by the act where a man (Tony Murchland) blew Can Can slowly on the harmonica, then played faster, and faster, and faster -- until his very tall top hat exploded at the climax of the number. (See pictures below.)

Early 1970's: "Tony Spumonie" Murchland in performance. *Inset Upper Right -- Salvador Dali (1904-1989) in Figueras, Spain.

Ajax Football Club, with the European Cup -- 1972

Friends Roadshow circa 1973 -- in a tribute to Ajax FB

(Top Row) Jeff Stevens, Lynn Dobson, Davey Norkett, Matthew Rideout, Helene Van Danzig, George Dare, and Alan Porter. (Lower Row) Unknown Lady, Unknown Puppet, Justin Hammer, Nola Rae, Unknown Clown, and John the Plummer.

More Friends Roadshow Postcards

Front and backside of a Friends Roadshow promotional postcard circa 1974.

Front and backside of a Friends Roadshow promotional postcard circa 1974.

Images courtesy of Patsy Droubay, plus Davey Norkett and Stan Edwards, from their personal sources. *Digital reinterpretation of Salvador Dali portrait P.D.
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