Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe Outline and Scrapbook

International Theater Festival -- Denver, Colorado 1982

(Left to Right) Simon Stewart-Richardson; Gregg Moore; Stuart Curtis; Randy Carrico; Jon Beedell
Stuart Curtis traveled from Salt Lake City, Utah to jam with Gregg Moore and their friends. I was there to see Footsbarn Theatre.
Stu is standing in front of a poster advertising Phillipe Petit's high-wire walk, several stories above their heads, a week or so earlier.
Phillipe was lingering around the festival, doing street theater after the shows, and hanging out with Paddy and Rod, who had known him in Paris -- before he became famous for tranversing the twin towers of the NYC Trade Center on a guerilla tightrope.

Photo by M.E. -- names courtesy of Gregg Moore.
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