Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe Outline and Scrapbook

Weekly Programs from the 4th Festival of Fools -- 1978

The Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe recruited Peter Wear for a spring tour of the Western United States in 1978, and he traveled with them to the fourth Festival of Fools, along with dancer Hillary Elmore, who soon joined Katie Duck on a tour to Tunisia. Webmaster Michael Evans shot his last video for the group at Kingsbury Hall on the University of Utah campus that same year, but saw none of these festivals after 1977.

Introduction Program

Program: First Week

Program: Second Week

Program: Third Week
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Introduction: Thanks to Cor Schlösser and the Nederlands Theatrical Institute, I was able to make a B&W scan of 1978's Introductory Program. A color scan will be posted one day, but this version archives almost all of the contents.
First Week: Carlos Trafic makes a mess of the cover -- looking every bit the fool this great actor could portray with grace and ease.
Second Week: Peter Wear performed with the Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe, but he also jammed with Justin Case. NOTE: The excessive tilt of the cover photo inside the PDF file is an artifact of the scanner.
Third Week: Iris Walton and Jan Dungelady, from England, founded the group Cunning Stunts in 1977, and the comical jungle kabuki - face of this damsel primeval earned them the cover spot!.

Jacques & Ann Katmor, Victor Ken and "twelve other Israeli cinematogues" made a 16mm film called The Fools, which began shooting in 1975, and was shown at the 1978 Festival -- Read about The Fools HERE

Images from my own collection, with infinite gratitude to Marion Onnekink, Alan Purves, Cor Schlösser, and the Nederlands Theatrical Institute.
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